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Discover Canada: Contracts, taxation, organization, BDGLawyers/Avocats presents as many specificities as opportunities to succeed in Quebec and Canada.


Presentation of the legal aspects of setting up a business in Canada: company operations, contractual relations, immigration law, intellectual property... Your law firm answers all your questions about federal and provincial legislation, in order to assist you in your establishment project.


Duties and obligations of directors in Quebec.


« What an honor, once again, to be able to contribute to the development of international businesses with the C Fund! 


Along with Executive Director Dominique Raiche and my colleague Rhita Lahlou, Director of Business Development, we presented a cheque for $10,000 for the opening of a subsidiary of the Canadian firm BDG Lawyers/Avocats in France. With this assistance, the company will be able to develop its market abroad by taking advantage of the French network and by capturing projects destined for Canada from Paris.  


The accompaniment in Canadian projects in France from Montreal will be provided by Me. Frederic Burot, President of BDG Avocats, has a unique expertise and a network that he has developed over the past 20 years. 


Congratulations on this ambitious project! »

Ali Bennis, Senior Relationship Manager at Desjardins Business

« Congratulations Frederic Burot for your wonderful project! What a great company in full growth. You are a turnkey solution for your French clients in Quebec and for your Quebec clients in France.

Bravo Ali Bennis for your personalized support of our members and clients »

Rhita Lahlou, Business Development Manager at Desjardins

BDG Lawyers/Avocats joins the French Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Canada

"The Montreal area has become home to the largest French expatriate community outside of Europe. Frédéric Burot and Corinne Koutangni invited by LesTalents by FrenchFounders to talk about professional expatriation

"What an entrepreneur or a company needs to know to set up in Canada? Frédéric Burot and Corinne Koutangni, lawyers at BDGLawyers/Business Class Partners, will give a conference on the FUSACQ platform.

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