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Areas of expertise

Our office is driven by the desire to share our expertise in order to provide our clients with world-class services. Over the years, we have been exposed to a broad range of business challenges and legal solutions. The diversity and complexity of the files and projects we have been entrusted with allows us to leverage an informed perspective with respect to the complexities of the business world in an increasingly global environment. Our deep knowledge of operations and corporate culture in an international environment, our sensitivity to the legal and commercial challenges posed by the globalization of markets and our extensive network of business contacts in Europe and North America, are the cornestones of our legal services. This expertise differentiates us from our competitors and constitutes a unique added value that benefits the companies we support in their development and growth. Our contribution to your strategic thinking and the achievement of your corporate vision reinforces our contribution and makes us the preferred business partner of our clients.
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The firm's partners regularly advise and assist companies that set up their operations in Canada. We are therefore aware of the challenge associated with this type of transition and our experience acquired on both sides of the Atlantic is a major asset for our customers. In addition, through our formal and informal relationships developed over the years, we are also in a position to assist Canadian companies who wish to settle abroad.



and acquisitions

Whether our client is considering acquiring a competitor, supplier or customer, in order to expand or enter new markets, several options are available. A merger is an option, however, the purchase of assets should also be considered. We are able to help the client choose the optimal transaction type.

Business Law


We offer the full range of corporate services, including: incorporation of companies, for profit or not for profit, maintaining corporate books and managing board meetings. We advise and effect corporate reorganizations, as well as restructuring by laws.


Risks management

We have extensive experience in guiding our clients in effective risk management, including the implementation of regulatory and legislative compliance programs, corporate risk management programs, and the structuring of policies, procedures and buisness rules to implement internal controls. We work closely with you to conduct risk analyses tailored to the size of your business and your industry.










Corporate governance

Governance and accountability of directors.

BDG Law provides guidance to officers and directors, boards, committes and special comittees, for public, private and not-for-profit organizations, with respect to corporate governance and compliance. We help our clients implement best practices, processes and policies that support rigorous internal controls to enhance the efficiency and performance of your business. We guide our clients on their ethical and fiduciary responsibilities, the conduct of board and committee meetings, the drafting of board charters and mandates, and general corporate secretariat support.




Commercial and transactional law

We also have extensive experience in commercial transactions, including mergers and acquisitions, business process outsourcing and information technology, joint ventures, strategic alliances and shareholder agreements. We bring our expertise and experience to ensure the successful execution of these transactions, including the structuring of the integration phase post transaction. We also advise our clients on the contractual side: the drafting, negotiation and implementation of transaction agreements. We have extensive expertise in electronic commerce and Internet services agreements (supply contracts, licensing, etc.).